The Dark Ages - Saxons & Vikings

The year is 878, and the Vikings under King Guthrum have taken over England. The Saxon King Alfred has gone into hiding and wants his kingdom back. Which side will prevail?

Off the Page’s Dark Ages Day puts your children in the midst of the action as either Vikings or Saxons, based on your preference. They take on everyday tasks in a 9th century village as rumours swirl of the coming battle between Alfred and Guthrum.

Typical activities on the day include:

  • Wise woman
  • Rune-caster
  • Weaver
  • Scribe
  • Illumination
  • Potter
  • Metal worker
  • Amulet maker
  • Candle maker

(View our risk assessments for our separate Viking and Saxon days in a new tab.)

The afternoon looks at the Dark Ages from a historical perspective, with the children using archaeology to understand how we have learned about the historical tasks they performed in the morning.