Ancient Greece

We offer a choice of Ancient Greece workshops (click the link for each listing):


In-School Day

Enter 490 BC — Persia invades Greece. Pushing toward the city-state of Athens, the Persians reach Marathon a few miles away. The Athenians stand 10,000 strong to face the invaders, but will it be enough?

The children enter this uncertain time as residents of Athens. They take on typical roles found in the Athenian Agora (marketplace) at the time. They serve as wax tablet makers, pottery painters, fresco painters and jewellers.

As the children work, news and rumours swirl through the Agora about the battle. Can the Persians be defeated? Is Athens safe?

The school workshop climaxes with a Greek theatre in the afternoon.

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How You Contribute to the Day

To make the most of your children’s day, please help us with the following:

  • Adult helpers: The number of children participating determines how many work stations our Teacher brings. Please recruit a corresponding number of adults (teachers, TAs, parents) to oversee the activities and the afternoon session. (Your booking form lists the exact number needed.)
  • The school hall: Please reserve the school hall for the full day (it is not a problem if it is used for lunch).
  • Food: Please provide a small amount of food for the afternoon theatre. (It is a very small amount that helps set the scene — you can find details in the booklet when it arrives.)
  • Costumes: Please encourage the children to dress up in simple costumes. It helps them feel the part.

Please note that we still require adult helpers for in-school days. If this conflicts with your schools coronavirus policies, please let us know — a virtual workshop might be a better option for your school.

What to Wear

Costumes need not be complicated — we suggest the following “homemade” alternatives:

  • Boys or Girls: A plain white T-shirt with a belt or cord tie; sandals. Add a rectangle of coloured cloth fastened with a brooch or button on the left shoulder to enhance the look.

For those who prefer, we offer a bespoke costume service through History Off the Peg. We sell inexpensive costumes for both children and adults.

View costume options and pricing on our website, Place an order by sending an e-mail containing your name, your school, the date of the event, the topic, your child’s age and your child’s size to


Virtual Workshop

Meet Aegeus, a Spartan warrior and father. He is proud to be husband to a strong Spartan woman and the father of two strong boys, both of whom are already training to become Spartan warriors themselves. Aegeus boastfully shares aspects of Spartan life, including Sparta’s prospects at the upcoming Olympic Games. But he has concerns about the rival city-state of Athens and their empire building. Sparta must be prepared to go to war.

The topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Spartan life and beliefs
  • Sparta’s warrior culture
  • Spartan training practices, which start at age 7
  • The Olympic Games
  • Contrasts between Sparta and Athens, including how they relate with one another


How Does the Workshop Work?

The new workshops consist of two key elements:

  • A box packed with individual activities kits for each child in your group (plus a few extra, just in case). The kits contain up to six activities, which the children can do at their own desks.
  • A pre-recorded video made by our knowledgeable teachers that leads the children through the narrative and gives purpose to the activities they do along the way.

The workshops can take place in your own room at your own pace – we give you access to the video for several days, so you can rewind, replay, or break up the activities as you see fit.

Our school trials so far indicate that they can fill up to half a day.

For a small additional fee, you can also choose to add on an hour of “live” teaching time with one of our qualified teachers. This extra time, which takes place via video conferencing software, is a chance to add extra engagement to the day – the children can prepare questions, take notes from the answers, discuss artefacts and explore the materials used to make them, and generally probe further into the learning.


What Activities are Included?

The projects inclue a soap carving, a mosaic tile, laurel wreath made of paper, a painted tile, a clay charm bracelet and a cloth medicine bag.
Projects the children will make during the virtual Greek workshop.

As mentioned, each child will receive an activities kit to match the video. There are a few basic supplies such as PVA glue, scissors, and pencils that the school will need to provide, but otherwise the children will receive the necessary materials to make six projects:

  • A mosaic tile
  • A laurel wreath
  • A clay charm for luck or good fortune
  • A medicine bag
  • A tile painting
  • A soap carving

The workshop will also come with an information sheet for teachers, which will detail the learning outcomes, extra supplies that might be needed and possible follow-up learning.


How Much Does a Virtual Workshop Cost?

The pricing scheme is straightforward. We charge £300.00 for the first 30 children, plus £6.00 for each additional child (the costs are inclusive of 20% VAT, which the school can claim back.) Shipping is free.

The optional hour of video conferencing with one of our knowledgeable teachers can be purchased for an additional £60.00 (incl. 20% VAT).


How Do I Book a Workshop?

Please feel free to contact us by form, e-mail or telephone. Let us know the week you would like to use the workshop, and whether you would like the optional live teaching time, and we are happy to help.

Since the virtual workshops do not depend on our diary, there is no limit on when they can be ordered. Once full payment is received, we can turn them around and get them into schools within days. (Or they can be ordered well ahead and delivery scheduled – it is very flexible.)


Photos of the In-School Day: