The Seaside

Designed specifically for Key Stage 1, History Off the Page will take a group of up to 60 children to recreate and experience aspects of old-fashioned seaside holidays.


We base our activities on the Victorians era when seaside holidays first became popular. The children will make items to include shell boxes, souvenir mugs, little boats and postcards. They will also become customers and serves in The Pier Cafe, visit The Photographer’s Shop to have their picture taken in traditional costumes, practice their Punch and Judy skills, and become cashiers counting out old money at The Bank.


In the afternoon the school hall will be set up with stalls on The Pier. The children will take their tickets to board ‘the seaside train’ and arrive to take turns at becoming stall holders and customers, learning how to handle and spend old pennies as they ‘buy and sell’. The stalls will include The Souvenir Shop, The Fish and Chip Seller, The Post Office and games such as Roll-a-Penny, Bagatelle and Hook-a-Duck, as well as sand castle building.

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During the afternoon there will be the opportunity to watch a traditional Punch and Judy show, and listen to a seaside story.

How You Contribute to the Day

To make the most of your children’s day, please help us with the following:

  • Adult helpers: The number of children participating determines how many work stations our Teacher brings. Please recruit a corresponding number of adults (teachers, TAs, parents) to oversee the activities and the afternoon session. (Your booking form lists the exact number needed.)
  • The school hall: Please reserve the school hall for the full day (it is not a problem if it is used for lunch).
  • Costumes: Please encourage the children to dress up in simple costumes. It helps them feel the part.

What to Wear

For our seaside day, we simply recommend suitable seaside clothing (no swimming costumes, please). Some schools choose to dress Victorian for the day — we leave that choice to you.