Designed specifically for Key Stage One, Toys allows pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of history through creative and practical activities, as well as hands on experience with artefacts. The day is divided into four main sessions.

Travelling Museum

In the travelling museum the pupils will explore toys from the past through play. The travelling museum contains many different types of toys ranging from metal automata to spinning tops and wooden dolls.


The pupils continue to develop their historical detective skills through the investigation of the ‘dig boxes.’ This also includes a strong language element and has cross- curricular links with mathematics, involving sorting and classifying their finds.


There will be a practical making session,- giving pupils hands-on experience of making their own traditional toys from a range of materials. This is ‘making and doing’ based on historical evidence.

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If time allows, the pupils will be encouraged to design and create their own toys based on the work they have already done. From the ‘inventing bags’ pupils will pull out the components with which they can create their own unique toys and games.

Details of this and further information about the day are included in a booklet which is sent out prior to a booking. All the History Off the Page providers are experienced teachers and storytellers who enjoy working with large groups of children. Generally there will be a story told during the day.