Off the Page uses a blend of practical handcrafts, drama and role-play to inspire children about history. Our cross-curricular primary school workshops complement the National Curriculum. Although they vary in structure and subject matter, all of them offer important key elements:

  • A full day of immersion in the subject, led by a qualified teacher
  • Making sessions that allow children to try their hands at historical crafts
  • Strong emphasis on learning outcomes

Children live the topic through role-play and imagination. Our teacher brings all the materials necessary to transform your school hall into a historical setting. Any special needs for the day – such as the number of adults needed to help supervise the day, or, in some cases, small amounts of food needed for the afternoon – will be spelled out in your booking materials.

Most of our Key Stage 1 workshops accommodate up to 60 children, while most of our Key Stage 2 workshops accommodate up to 90.


We now offer a range of virtual workshops, including topics not covered below — visit our virtual learning page to learn more.


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