Discover life in a mediaeval castle. History Off the Page will take up to 60 children and recreate life in a twelfth century castle. History Off the Page provides valuable learning opportunities for key stage 1 pupils through a combination of roleplay, practical activities and hands on experience with facsimile artefacts. The school hall will become the great hall of the castle, and the pupils will take the roles of peasants and craftsmen who will be busy at their tasks while sharing all the latest gossip.


1144 AD: The castles day is set during the early mediaeval period and concentrates on the day to day life in a typical Norman castle under siege in the south east of England.


History Off the Page will bring all the equipment and materials needed to set up workshops in your hall. The school needs to provide tables and adult supervisors. The atmosphere will be created by using drama and role-play, facsimile items etc.. The tables will be covered to protect them.

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Banquet and Entertainment

During the afternoon session the pupils will experience a Norman banquet, which will continue the pupils role-playing, and provides further historical information on life in a castle. The banquet makes use of many of the early mediaeval traditions and customs. The afternoon is divided into the following sessions:

  • Preparation for the banquet and tournament
  • Having the banquet (Food will be served by servitors and includes performances by the children taking the roles of actors, dancers and singers etc. The school will need to provide simple food.)
  • A review of the day

Details of this and further information about the day are included in a booklet which is sent out prior to a booking. All the History Off the Page providers are experienced teachers and storytellers who enjoy working with large groups of children. Generally there will be at least one story told during the day.