Explore geology in a fun and practical manner, with Science Off the Page. Science Off the Page provides valuable learning opportunities to the pupils through a combination of practical activities and hands on experience with natural materials.


Science Off the Page will bring all the equipment and materials necessary to set up workshops in your hall. The day will involve a general introduction for all using a breakfast tray, thinking about early morning routines and trying to answer the question ‘Where have we met rocks so far today?’ (e.g. toothpaste [chalk], salt, glassware, plastics etc.) After this, there will be ten work stations, all with a practical element, recording and making. These will include:

  • Permeability
  • Sorting and classification
  • Hardness
  • Testing for magnetism
  • Seashore erosion
  • Shells and fossil making
  • Sandstone
  • Sediment
  • The effects of water
  • Weathering
  • Water slide

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There will be a session on the river table using a richly illustrative method and there will also be the possibility of an outside materials trail in the school grounds (depending on circumstances).

After the Workshops

The day will end with a quiz.