Life in Roman Britain

Arrive in 60 AD: the Romans occupy Britain, and unrest grows. The widowed Iceni queen, Boudica, seeks to overthrow Roman rule – as do the Trinovantes. In her fury, Boudica wipes out whole communities. No one knows where she might strike next.

Our staff painstakingly researched Roman Britain to create a new historical narrative for our Roman Day. Our new day places the children in a Roman fort occupied by the Roman IX Legion, completing work on the fort’s principal buildings.

As the children work, news arrives that Boudica is winning important battles, including destroying Colchester, London, St Albans and the IX Legion’s infantry. What will happen to the IX Legion? Will the fort be safe?


Choice of Afternoons

For groups of 60 or fewer, we now offer a choice of activities on our Roman afternoons:

  • Suitcase Investigation: The children are asked by the Roman government to investigate the belongings of soldiers, civilians, Britons and slaves. They determine who the people were, what their role in the Rebellion might have been, and whether one of them may have been a Boudican spy! The afternoon allows the children to handle a variety of high-quality reproductions while reinforcing what they learned about the Romans and the Boudican Rebellion in the morning.
  • Feast: This is our traditional afternoon in which the children celebrate the Roman victory with a small amount of food, music, mimes, dances and plays. (We default to the feast for larger groups up to 90 children.)

We are happy to provide either afternoon depending on what level you feel your children can handle (the suitcase afternoon is a bit more challenging than the feast). Please let us know your preference when booking.

(View our risk assessment of the day’s activities in a new tab.)


How You Contribute to the Day

To make the most of your children’s day, please help us with the following:

  • Adult helpers: The number of children participating determines how many work stations our Teacher brings. Please recruit a corresponding number of adults (teachers, TAs, parents) to oversee the activities and the afternoon session. (Your booking form lists the exact number needed.)
  • The school hall: Please reserve the school hall for the full day (it is not a problem if it is used for lunch).
  • Food: Please provide a small amount of food for the afternoon banquet. (It is a very small amount that helps set the scene — you can find details in the booklet when it arrives.)
  • Costumes: Please encourage the children to dress up in simple costumes. It helps them feel the part.

Please note that we still require adult helpers for in-school days. If this conflicts with your schools coronavirus policies, please let us know — a virtual workshop might be a better option for your school.


What to Wear

Costumes need not be complicated — we suggest the following “homemade” alternatives:

  • Boys or Girls: A knee-length sleeveless tunic with a belt and sandals. (A plain large T-shirt will do.)



Photos of the In-School Day: