The Victorians


22nd June 1897. During the morning, the recreation is set in a village classroom on the day of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


History Off the Page will bring all the materials needed to recreate a Victorian classroom in the hall.  During the morning, the children will hear about the Jubilee in the context of Queen Victoria’s reign and the Empire.

Travelling Museum

In the afternoon the pupils will explore suitcases and artefacts, using historical detective skills. History Off the Page will bring a large number of genuine artefacts for the pupils to explore hands-on. Each suitcase is themed.

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Schools can opt for a Victorian Christmas event which includes contemporary celebrations, crafts and music hall. 

Details of this and further information about the day are included in a booklet which is sent out prior to a booking. All the History Off the Page providers are experienced teachers and storytellers who enjoy working with large groups of children. Generally there will be a story told during the day.