Victorian Life in The Big House

History Off The Page brings an innovative and inspirational day for up to 90 KS1 pupils.

History Off the Page will set up a “house” consisting of up to 12 rooms in your school hall.

In readiness for a visit by Queen Victoria who is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, all the rooms must be prepared and the servants trained to work under the watchful eye of the Queen’s equerry.

The children will experience a range of jobs in the various rooms of The Big House:

, as maids and pages, they may be expected to lay the fires, polish and clean, and even learn how to shave the master of the house! In the ‘outside’ rooms they could be set to work in the laundry, shown how to plant and label seeds in the garden room, and issue servant wages from the estate office.

‘Upstairs’ they can learn how to lay the table and serve in the dining room, write with dip pens in the study, and play with their toys before the bedtime routine in the nursery.

(View our risk assessment of the day’s activities in a new tab.)

Accessible for all ability ranges, this hands-on workshop will be a superb learning experience for your pupils as they ‘live’ as Victorians in The Big House for a day.