The Seaside

History Off the Page will take up to 60 KS 1 children to recreate and experience aspects of a seaside holiday of the past. The day is divided into three exciting hands-on and interactive sessions.

Session one:

Investigating and handling artefacts in our travelling museum.
HOP will bring up to ten suitcases of artefacts from the late Victorian and Edwardian periods together with some more modern examples from the fifties. All the children will begin the session as curators. Later some children will become visitors to the museum, whilst others remain as curators for half the time and then the groups will change over.

Session two:

Practical Activities
Using the evidence above, the children will prepare games and toys for the afternoon visit to the pier. Stalls will include: Roll a penny, Aunt Sally, postcard tinting, coin rubbing, stamps etc.

Session three:

Drama & role-play
After purchasing their tickets the children will ‘board the train to the seaside.’ The children will be split into two groups, half to ‘staff’ the stalls at the fair and half to play the games which have been made. As in Session one, the groups will change over.

There will also be a Punch & Judy show and a story will be told. Further details and information about the Seaside Day are included in a booklet, which is sent out prior to our visit. All the History Off the Page team are experienced teachers who enjoy working with large groups of children.