Virtual Workshop: Saxon Britain

It is a busy day for our host Cuthbert, a Saxon metalsmith. Vikings are attacking another settlement — despite their defeat by King Alfred, the Danes still raise trouble from time to time. This means taxes may need to be raised. The shire reeve is visiting Wintancaester tomorrow, so a folkmoot has been called to discuss laws and settle disputes. There is much to do to prepare.

The topics covered during the workshop include:

  • A brief history of Winchester from Roman to Saxon times
  • Saxon defense strategies, including the construction of walled burghs
  • Saxon culture and lifestyle
  • How Saxons and Vikings interact
  • Saxon beliefs and educational practices



How Do the Workshops Work?

The new workshops consist of two key elements:

  • Individual activities kits for each child in your group .
  • A pre-recorded video made by our knowledgeable teachers.

The workshops can take place in your own room at your own pace – we give you access to the video for several days, so you can rewind, replay, or break up the activities as you see fit.

Most schools find that the workshops fill half a day, although you can spread them out as you see fit.

For a small additional fee, you can add an optional hour of “live” teaching time with one of our qualified teachers. This extra time, which takes place via video conferencing software, offers extra engagement to the day and allows the children to probe further into the learning.


What Activities are Included?

As mentioned, each child will receive an activities kit to match the video. There are a few basic supplies such as PVA glue, scissors, and pencils that the school will need to provide, but otherwise the children will receive the necessary materials to make five projects:

The items displayed include a draughts board, a handwriting sample, a fletched arrow, a silver coin and a woolen braid.
Items created during the Saxon virtual workshop.

For the Saxon workshop:

  • Writing in Old English script
  • Coins made of silver foil
  • A draughts game set
  • A woolen braid
  • A fletched arrow



How Much Does a Virtual Workshop Cost?

Please visit our pricing page for the latest costings.


How Do I Book a Workshop?

Please feel free to contact us by form, e-mail or telephone. Let us know the week you would like to use the workshop, and whether you would like the optional live teaching time, and we are happy to help.

Since the virtual workshops do not depend on our diary, you may order them at anytime. (But do allow enough time for delivery!)


Do You Offer an In-School Version of the Workshop?

Yes! Our in-school workshop explores the struggle between the Saxon King Alfred and the Viking King Guthrum at the Battle of Edington. You can learn more about it on our Dark Ages – Saxons and Vikings page.

Please be aware, however, that we operate in a limited travel area, and mileage (and possibly B&B charges) will apply. If your school is far from our offices, and/or your group is very small, a virtual workshop may be a better fit for you.

Feel free to contact us with questions and we are happy to look at options with you.